WordPress hack that only displays for Google

It took me a minute to figure out this one. I noticed when I searched for my blog in Google and it returned no results. So I searched for “site:www.keithslater.com” and it brought up my site however it was showing a lot of results for “Amoxicillin.” Obviously I don’t talk about amoxicilin so I figured it was hacked.

Amoxicillin results from Google

The interesting thing about this hack is, it only displays the amoxicillin results for Google. When I, or anyone else goes to the blog, it displays everything correctly.

Fixing this hack was really simple. All I had to do was upgrade WordPress to the newest version. Now I just have to wait for Google to re-crawl my site and it should be back to normal. Luckily this is just my personal blog and not a client’s site. On a client’s site I do make sure to upgrade WordPress as frequently as possible.

Protect yourself in case your laptop gets lost or stolen

Prey is a great program that you can install on a laptop just in case it gets lost or stolen one day. It’s very easy to install and use.

Once you notice that your laptop is missing all you have to do is login to their website and report your laptop as missing. It will at that point start trying to contact it and get the location of it. It not only gets the location of the laptop but it also gets other information such as IP addresses, WiFi info and it will even take a picture using the laptop’s camera every 20 minutes.

The best part about Prey is that it’s free for up to 3 devices so there is no excuse to not install it on your laptop.


How to synchronize an Exchange and Google Calendar to the iPhone

Edit 5-28-2012: I’ve been going through old posts to update them. There is a much easier way to do this now. Go to settings and create a new Exchange Mail account. Fill in your email and password. Enter m.google.com as the server name and that should be it. I will probably do a full write up on this at a later time.


If you are like me, you like to keep your business calendar separate from your personal calendar.  That can be easy to do if you don’t need your second calendar to be synchronized, but if you do want both calendars synchronized, this is how you do it.

This is the way I found to be able to synchronize your Exchange calendar and your Google calendar on your iPhone at the same time.

1. Set up your Exchange account on your iPhone.

This is done just like normal.  Add all of your Exchange information under mail accounts.  I choose to only sync my Mail and Calendar but you can also sync your Contacts if you want.

Setup Exchange Account in iPhone

2. Add the Google calendar to your iPhone.

(This will work for GMail and for Google Apps for Business.)

Go to Settings.  Then to Mail, Contacts, Calendar.  Go to Add account and click on Other.  Once you are at other, click on “Add CalDAV Account.”

For server you will want to enter www.google.com.  Your username is your email address and then enter your password.  You can enter anything for Description.

Set up CalDAV account on iPhone for Google Calendar

If you are using GMail, you are done at this point and your second calendar should be synced.  If you are using Google Apps for Business, there is one more step.  Open the account that you created on your iPhone in Settings.  Click on the Advanced Settings for the account.  You will have to enter an Account URL which is:

https:[email protected]/user

Add Account URL if your are using Google Business Account

Once you do this, you are finished.

If you are using a mac, you can take this one step further and do the same thing with iCal.  Open iCal, go to Preferences, click Accounts and add a CalDAV account type.  Now your Google calendar will be synced on Google, your iPhone and in iCal automatically.

Free network monitoring software – Spiceworks

Spiceworks is a free piece of software I have been using for a while now that can monitor your network.  The software runs on a Windows server however you can access the website interface from anywhere.

Spiceworks allows you to create alerts on many things on your network that can email you and let you know if there are problems.  You can create alerts if a server or network device is offline.  You can also create alerts if one of your printers is getting low on toner.

Screen shot 2010-02-09 at Feb 9, 2010  12.47.31 PM

Creating alerts in Spiceworks

Spiceworks also has a user portal which allows your users to be able to submit trouble tickets if they are having problems with their computers.  The user portal is totally customizable in the back end and you can add anything to it.

Manage User Portal Content in Spiceworks

Manage User Portal Content in Spiceworks

Spiceworks has a great reporting tool.  You can get reports on all software installed on the computers, disk usage, RAM, CPU and more.  The reports are also customizable so you can make you own.

Spiceworks Reports

Spiceworks Reports

If you click on a specific device in Spiceworks, you can get all of the information on that device including, what antivirus is installed, how much free hard drive space, how much memory and a lot more.

So if you are looking for a network monitoring tool, I would definitely check out Spiceworks.